Villa Europa 1917 


The Hotel rooms in the "Colonnade", Trifora "and "Liwan" wings have a distinct charm unlike any other Hotel. During the Hotel's renovation, special attention was given to historical preservation, and it is this core value that fashioned unique rooms which carry no resemblance to classic Hotel rooms.  

Our guests can lodge in special garden suites, baring original basalt rock walls from 1917, or stay in exclusive rooms that served the British mandatory "Green Howard" brigade and "Hagana" fighters during the war of independence. Guests will note the firing and observation posts in these rooms which have been fully preserved. All rooms are equipped with all the modern amenities including: an LCD television, Wi-Fi, a mini fridge and much more. In each room you will find: an esprso Coffeemaker, pampering artisan soaps and original playing cards crafted especially for your enjoyment.


Among other pleasures, the Hotel Europa offers a stylish spa with a rich and indulging treatment menu including a dry sauna.  Spa treatments take place in intimately designed, well-equipped rooms. Treatments are provided by professional therapists, using the finest oils and creams in an atmosphere that will embrace you with serene tranquility. Now that you're soothed and calm you could enjoy a pampering experience in our heated indoor pool or you might retire to the balcony, where the "Orchard Café" is located on the roof of the new "Liwan" wing, surrounded by ancient garden furniture which is designed to perfection. 




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